Offered exercises

Offered exercisesThe laughter can be caused and it is artificial.

From the point of view of work of muscles has no value, you laugh or simply say hahaha.

The artificial laughter will quickly awaken high spirits, will result in natural fun.

Often correct singing is disturbed by muscular clips, excessive tension of separate groups of muscles, their diskoordinatsiya.

Offered exercises will help to organize work of muscles correctly.

First of all it is necessary to take care of the correct bearing a back direct, shoulders are straightened and lowered down, the head is on the average situation.

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A bouquet

A bouquetThe blot in a writingbook is accident, nepriyatnost.

When the father will spill tea, mummy speaks Anythinand me always gets.

Unusual to pain, offense, injustice, childrendeeply suffer and consequently cry more often, but even tearsthe child is called by jokes, seem less important,annoy.

See, , roars, whines, dismissed.

A bouquet of words from the dictionary of the adults, invented forchildren's using.

Obstinacy and whim tears it is powerlessness tears Irevolt, desperate attempt of a protest, call for help,the complaint to negligence of guardianship, the certificate of what ty unreasonably constrain and force, manifestation plohy health and always suffering.

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The aunt liked

The aunt liked I would like to take next time the strong fieldglass and to look at your person.

And very much it were pleasant to me a gun and scenery, where sea.

But you, dear Rediska, were pleasant to me most, expensive and lovely Radish.

Whether you will participate in the New Year tree, dear Rediska Probably, you will play there other role.

I went to a banquet room, there it was very beautiful, I think, you about it you know.

The aunt liked very much Cherry.

These soldiers, policemen were inside gland or behind iron I at first thought that it is simple lifeless figures.

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Or, as A. Gordon

Or, as A. GordonLife training The main school subject should become chelovekomaintaining – a science how to become the Person.

Or, as A.

Gordon told Education is a way, the Person is the purpose.

Not casually in this context I write this word about a big beech you.

it is a question not of notations and appeals in style Barankin, be the person, and about theoretical and practical rukovoda stvo on finding of social skills which will allow children to overcome alienation, suspiciousness and the mistrust, reigning today in society.

To give to our children the entrance ticket in the global world, it is necessary to explain to them the reasons of a present order of things and ways of its change to the best.

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And in parallelwith

And in parallelwithDaman considers that over time the child onSystem of development of Glenn Domana the basis of a personal experience will understand laws, onto which the letter transfers oral speech.

By the way, for training of small childrenpage Zaytsev's technique is ideally suited.

And in parallelwith studying of cubes with warehouses it is possibleto enter and words, but only what to the child alreadyare wellknown also which it is able to speak.

Each new word mastered by the kid, is desirableto write down on a card and to insert into the separatealbum which can be looked through regularlytogether with the child.

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